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Derek and I are sitting in the House of Fisk, watching the master work the controls as he mixes the final track for our upcoming EP - Holes in the Story.  It's a bittersweet moment - hearing the way the songs have come together, and knowing that we won't be able to perform them any time soon.  Alan moved with his family to Nairobi, Kenya in July, so while the band hasn't broken up, we're definitely on hiatus.

We're excited for Alan and his family.  It's really the opportunity of a lifetime.  That being said, we couldn't let him go without a good send-off, so we decided to splurge a little with a new recording session before he left.  After looking around for a studio, a friend suggested we contact Steve Fisk. He was definitely out of our league, but in the spirit of splurge we sent Steve an email with some sample tracks.  His four word reply, "Cool songs. Call me."

One month later we found ourselves nested in Steve's living room, headphones on, playing our hearts out, trying not to look at the platinum record and gold cassettes that hang from the walls. Nirvana, the Posies, Soundgarden - we don't hold a candle.  Steve has been wonderful to work with - really down to earth and incredibly proficient at what he does.  We've never sounded better.

After this final mix session it's off to mastering.  We've hired our favorite poster maker Gideon Klindt to do the artwork, and have been very pleased with the initial sketches. So, while you won't be seeing Sorry live for the next couple of years, you'll still be able to get a fresh dose when we release the EP.  Stay tuned...


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International Pop Overthrow 2010 – Seattle

Friday, August 20
El Corazon Lounge Room
109 Eastlake Ave. East
206 381-3094

What you get:

* FREE three-disc International Pop Overthrow Vol. 13 CD featuring 66 tracks by many of the artists who are playing the International Pop Overthrow festival

* 50% off Sorry's the RSVP ep, with 7 tracks of chunky pop goodness -- that's less than $1 a track!

* hours of the best power pop in town, including 3 brand-spanking new tunes from tus amigos Sorry

* Our undying friendship (not actually tested beyond death, but should in theory work OK)

What we get:

To play again next year -- there, in't that worth it?

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Sorry hits the Road!

Sorry is Alan Brozovich, Stephen Brozovich, and Derek ButcherWe're super excited to be a part of International Pop Overthrow for the second year in a row.  If you missed the last IPO tour, it was a hoot - dozens of indie bands over several days (one at a time - it's actually quite civilized).

Not only were we invited back after last year, we were invited to be a part of the tour in three different cities!  We kick off our first ever World Tour of the Major Metropolitan Areas of the Northwest (West of the Cascades) on Saturday, August 14 in Portland.  We'll be back in Seattle for a show on Friday, August 20, and wrap up the tour in Vancouver, BC on Thursday, August 26.  Sorry, Bellevue, you just don't rank yet.

Come join us at the venue of your choice, or turn your Sorry fandom up a few notches by seeing us play three times in as many weeks.  I'm sure we can come up with a good prize!

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Join Sorry in support of Great Strides NW

Cystic Fibrosis FoundationSorry is playing at this weekend’s annual Great Strides Walk – Taking steps to cure cystic fibrosis. Come out and support the cause by joining the walk, or just come hang out with the crowd at Seattle Center’s Mural Amphitheater. Sorry will be going on stage between 2:30 and 3PM.

See you there!


Jigsaw Records Grand Opening

Jigsaw Records has it's grand opening this weekend -- it's run by Chris McFarlane of fame, and we're very honored to be amongst the cool CDs for sale in his new endeavor!

The store opens at 11 on Saturday, March 12, grand opening party is 7-9 pm and features:

* the first Math And Physics Club appearance in nearly two years!
* a solo set by David Crane of BOAT!
* treats and goodies galore!

More details on the Jigsaw Records site


Spanish for 100 CD Release Tomorrow Night

Tomorrow night is a rare night out for Sorry -- we're going to sneak out and get to the CD Release party for Spanish for 100's new record Jezebel. Judging from what they played when we opened for them at Mars Bar earlier this year, it's going to be a phenomenal record. We are excited. You should be too.

Give them a listen here on their music page. They're also getting spins on KEXP on the new record, so be sure to drop a line to and request it!


Blue Moon, Ghosts and Manos

sorry We had a great time playing the Blue Moon Tavern last Friday night. Thanks to Ghost Lobby for inviting us, and gracias to Manos de Plate for being cool bill mates and nice guys to boot.  a 2-piece brass section is nothing to sneeze at.  Also, best line ever heard while changing gear between sets: No, I haven't moved the glockenspiel yet.

If you haven't yet, you must pick up Ghost Lobby's newest CD March -- great, great CD.  Buenisimo!


Sorry sells out

Well, Sorry has sold out, but for a good cause. We were auctioned off at one of our kids schools, so we play a rollicking house party on the Cedar River this weekend. The competition for the prize was fearsome, and we were surprised to find there was at least one other real, live, non-member-of-Sorry person who bid against us. And apparently that person has Deeper Pockets than Sorry.

Incidentally, they also won a tour of KEXP and didn't want that bit of the prize, which means a) there is someone who liked Sorry better than KEXP -- this is momentous b) we get to go on the tour, and see inside the hallowed walls of Seattle's finest station. Um, not that we didn't see it on one of our many in-studios. We did. We just can't remember what it all looks like. There were a lot of lights.


International Pop Overthrow

We are pleased as punch to be opening International Pop Overthrow in Seattle this summer. IPO Seattle is 4 nights of pure power pop goodness, and the IPO festival plays in cities across the US, Canada and the UK, serving up 20-minute sets of up-and-coming pop bands in what the LA Times calls “a musical whirlwind” and The New York Post calls “speed dating for the rock n roll set”.

We’re crazy lucky to be opening the Seattle leg of the festival, and to top if off we play with a home court advantage at our home-away-from-home, the Mars Bar, at the mid-week, parent-of-young-children friendly hour of 8 pm. Hope you will join us!


mars bar on eastlake

weds, aug 19 at 8 p.m.


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More Sorry Press

Some more kind souls have taken up irretrievable moments of their lives to write kind words about Sorry, including the highly regarded Powerpopaholic blog. We did not make these quotes up, nor did we pay anyone to say nice things about us. At least not in any way that you will be able to trace back to us.

"Sorry coalasce open chords, odd time signatures, fragile melodies and fractured thoughts into emotional highs, percussive conundrums and subtle violence ... The interplay between strings and voices showcases the genetic sibling harmonics that builds up each track into a crescendo of grace and beauty ... I absolutely love the way Sorry weaves diverse strands of post-punk, twee, powerpop and indie rock into a pleasing multicoloured quilt. This is a band to keep a firm eye (and ear) on."
--Power of Pop

"DIY styled lo-fi indie power pop with a plenty of sweet melodic guitar touches, a lot like The Shins or Death Cab for Cutie ... you'll hear bits of Jon Auer with Paul Simon rhythms ... worth a spin on the ipod for sure."
-- Powerpopaholic

"Not only do they come from the same state, but Sorry also make no mistake about letting us know that The Posies “are only the greatest band in the world”. Still, you shouldn’t be put back thinking that this is another one of those tribute-type of bands ... there are lots of other classic power-pop references to be heard, blended into indie rock nice enough to take home to Mom ... there’s no way you can be sorry to hear Sorry"
-- Popism

"You guys shouldn't be called Sorry. You should be called AWESOME."
-- drunk guy at the Mars Bar, who reportedly was paid $7.33 and an undisclosed number of PBRs

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