Sorry the Band


alan brozovich
guitar, bass, vocals

stephen brozovich
guitar, bass, vocals

derek butcher

Sorry plays indie power pop with vocal harmonies, some 3/4, and the occasional bit of distortion. We like to say we're from Auburn because everyone else is from Seattle, and because Auburn is the home of the Super Mall. In high school, we all played together in a band called Rotterdam Flax. It broke up when all moved away to more exotic places like Ellensburg.

We found ourselves back in Seattle in 1999 and decided to get together one weekend to play some music and see if anything interesting happened. Nothing did. Still, given how little we had to do on weekends, we decided to make it a regular thing.

Eventually, we recorded a little EP on Steve's laptop and mixed it with all the sophistication we could muster to produce The Mailbox Demo, a 5-song demo that sounds like a tin can.

We learned it was surprisingly easy to book shows in Seattle if you have a tin can demo, even at pretty neat places like Graceland and I-Spy. You don't even have to know how to play your instruments. You do however have to pay your dues and play with some very bad bands initially, the kind of bands that later win Star Search.


We started recording again in 2002 with our friend Adam Burch at Ear Canal Studios. After enough eggnog, this turned into the 2003 5-song EP Non-Winner, which garnered a few spins on KEXP as well as some nice reviews by at least 2 people.

About this time, we also met Tilted Blue, who ended up being the nicest band to Sorry that we've ever met. We owe them like 17 jillion shows and like them a heckuva lot.

It Pays to Pay Attention

In 2006, under pressure from our label to produce something that would "sell more than 10 copies, you losers", we knocked out our first full-length LP It Pays to Pay Attention. By "knocked out", we mean that we went "into the studio" to "lay down some tracks" and in 3 short months had managed to "crash our hard drive" and lose the whole thing. Thanks to our slacker day jobs and our "tech chops", our persistent attempts at data recovery eventually led to the resurrection of the "lost recordings" of Sorry. Note that although we consistently refer to ourselves in 3rd person plural in this account, the data recovery effort was all Stephen. The rest of us wouldn't know from data recovery if it bit us on our 3rd person plural behinds.

So now it's 2007, and the new year finds us out playing shows again. If you've been paying attention, this means we're once again living off the good graces of Tilted Blue and the newest nice-to-Sorry bands Ghost Lobby and The Drop. We hope to see you at one of our shows -- we'll be the three geeky guys with glasses playing the indie rock nice enough to take home to mom.

Bands We Love

The Posies. Duh. They're only like the greatest band ever.

Other bands we like: Deathcab, Dolour, The Shins, Band of Horses, Ghost Lobby, Doves, The New Pornographers. Note that we don't claim to actually sound like any of those bands. We only wish we did.

We've been compared to the Beatles, twice, which of course is like saying that grits are something like gnocci.

Still other bands we like: Ghost Lobby, Tilted Blue, Rosyvelt, Spanish for 100, The Drop ...  And also: any band that invites us to play with them.

People We Love, including You

Our wives, our children, their grandparents, and of course -- you. We absolutely love you because you took the time to read this far. We love that you might actually listen to our music, and thanks to no small miracle, you might actually enjoy it. You might buy a CD. You might even sign up for our email list, buy a T-shirt, and buy a van and move into the empty lot across the street from our house.

Wherever you are in that continuum, thank you for being there. We love writing and playing for you. You are our favorite person in the whole world.